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Looking Back: Epic Achievements from Inspiring Women in 2022

We consider ourselves champions of girl ambition, and 2022 was FULL of reasons to celebrate female achievement. From athletics and aviation to politics and beyond, women—especially women of color—proved that not even the sky is the limit. Here are some of our favorite “female first” moments we saw in 2022.

Buckle your seatbelts and put your tray tables in their upright position, because things are taking off in the world of aviation with several female first breakthroughs in 2022. While Lt. Amanda Lee became the first female Blue Angel acrobatic pilot, both Southwest and Hawaiian Airlines had momentous flights with female leadership.2022 was the year where women took up SPACE...outer space, that is! In 2022, we saw Nicole Aunapu Mann, the first Native American woman, and Kat Echazarreta, the first Mexican woman, both journey into space. Additionally, Girl Scout alum Jessica Watson became the first Black woman to serve aboard the International Space Station.

With all these women aiming for the stars, the first-ever spacesuit designed for women is also (finally) in the works! According to the United Nations, only 11% of astronauts so far have been women. NASA engineer Sabrina Thompson is on the job to make the universe a more inclusive and fashionable space for all.

This year, women also claimed their space in the world of sports, reaching some major professional GOALS. In baseball news, Rachel Balkovec became the first minor league baseball manager and several women became the first official female scorers to score opening day games for Major League Baseball teams this season among several big wins for women in athletics.

Smashing through glass ceilings, women soared to new heights and positions of leadership in 2022. From politics to Hollywood and beyond, women earned top positions in historically male-led industries.


As we look to the future, we also remember the groundbreaking women of the past, whose achievements were finally recognized in 2022. Making currency more current, Anna May Wong, the first Asian American film star, and Wilma Mankiller, first female Cherokee Nation Chief were featured on U.S. currency in 2022. Barbie’s “Inspiring Women” series also introduced two dolls to celebrate female achievement: Jane Goodall, the scientist whose discoveries unlocked the world of chimpanzees, and Madam C.J. Walker, the first self-made female millionaire in the U.S.

Congratulations to all the women who hit major milestones with their historic achievements in 2022. We look forward to celebrating the wins of 2023 and beyond as we work together to build a more equitable future for all.

Senior Photo Inspo from Girl Scout Grads

With so many caps and tassels in the air, it must be graduation season! Graduates around the country are not only celebrating their academic careers—they’re also reflecting on their many Girl Scout memories. From their first days as a Daisy to epic summer camp adventures and earning highest awards, Girl Scouts and their families are looking back on life-changing experiences while looking forward to the next chapter.

Whether you’re celebrating graduation or getting ready for senior year, remember that your Girl Scout journey doesn’t have to end. If you spent any amount of time involved as a Daisy, Brownie, Junior or higher, you are officially a Girl Scout alum! Here’s how you can stay connected and explore the Girl Scout experience beyond high school: 
  • Keep leading the way as a Campus Girl Scout
  • Join the Girl Scout Network for exciting alum opportunities like invitations to special national events and a monthly digital newsletter filled with alum stories and ways to get involved. 
  • Connect professionally with other amazing alums in the Girl Scout Network on LinkedIn—you never know what doors Girl Scouts can open! 
  • Start your Girl Scout legacy as a lifetime member—perks include a special pin, invitations to memorable events, discounts, and more! Recent Girl Scout graduates are eligible to become lifetime members at a discounted rate of $200.

One of our favorite things about this time of year is seeing the creative ways Girl Scouts incorporate their vests, sashes, and other Girl Scout flair into their senior photos. Class of 2022, we’re so impressed by you!

Haley, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast

With the sun setting on her high school days, Haley is looking back on her Girl Scout career with fond memories of volunteering, camps, and more.

Catelyn, Girl Scouts of Central Texas

Including Camp Howdy in her senior pictures was a must for Gold Award Girl Scout Catelyn—not only to honor her days as a camper but as an aide as well!

Kloe, Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington

Laying out her future plans among her patch-covered vests, Kloe is ready to see the world! She is embarking on a Girl Scouts Destinations trip to Europe this summer as she travels with friends from her day-one Daisy troop.

Kyla, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

‘Water’ you doing after graduation, Kyla? This Gold Award Girl Scout and lifetime member will study food science at her university.

Clara, Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland

Branching out in style, Gold Award Girl Scout Clara’s senior photo display reflects her growing education in the field of horticulture.

Latisha, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania

After bridging from Ambassador to alum (see what we did there?), Latisha will be studying at the University of Pittsburgh this fall.

Avery, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

Lifetime member Avery, pictured hanging out in this flower-filled field, is ready to make the world a better place. Inspired by the hospital work she completed for her Bronze, Silver and Gold Award projects, she will be studying pre-nursing while pursuing her dream of opening her own clinic.

Congratulations to all Girl Scout graduates and their families as they celebrate this exciting time and look toward the future. We can’t wait to see how you will make the world a better place. Stay connected and begin your next chapter as a Girl Scout alum here.

How to Earn All Four Girl Scout Daisy Cookie Badges

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Cookie season is one of the busiest times for a Girl Scout leader, especially if it is your first or even you second year participating.

You will still be running meetings alongside cookie sales, so you time to plan has been stretched even further. Many leaders want their girls to earn one of the cookie badges since it is relevant during cookie season. 

In order to save you time, I have created meeting plans for all of the badges.

How to Earn All Four Girl Scout Daisy Cookie Badges

Which Girl Scout Daisy Badges Do Troops Earn First?

The four badges are structured so that you earn one cookie badge and one financial badge each year. These badges are replacing the leaves that were once part of the daisy.

My First Cookie Business and My Money Choices are meant to be earned Year One.

Cookie Goal Setter and Money Explorer are meant to be earned Year Two.

Earn the Girl Scout Daisy Cookie Goal Setter Badge

Earn the Girl Scout Daisy Money Explorer Badge

Do You Have to Earn the Girl Scout Daisy Cookie Badges in Order?

There is no hard and fast rule for badge earning at any level. While the GSUSA has made it easier for leaders by assigning badges to specific years, you can mix it up if you want. The only thing I will warn is that the set of Year Two badges is a bit more advanced, so you may need to adapt the activities for kindergarteners.

What Badges Should Second Year Daisies Do if This is Their First Year Selling Girl Scout Cookies?

My suggestion to you is to earn the Year One badges for this troop of girls. It is really as basic as it gets and the girls will find the activities easier.

Can a Second Year Daisy Troop Earn All Four Badges in One Year?

While the simple answer is yes, you can earn all four in one year, I want you to think about why you want to do this. The badges are very repetitive. The reason for this is just like build on what you learned the previous year. You don't start doing long division in first grade, you learn your math facts and build up to long division.

Because the activities are repetitive, you might want to "double dip", ie, use one activity for two badges. That is not allowed. Each badge has three steps and you need to do all three in order to earn the badge. Badge earning is not a competition to see who can fill up their uniform the fastest. It is a learning experience.

Girl Scout Daisy Print and Go Booth Decor

In the early 2010's, the GSUSA promoted "Blinging Your Booth", aka, decorating it to attract customers. It is one more layer to cookie sales that leaders may not have time to do.

I have just the product for you!

Girl Scout Daisy Cookie Booth Decor Kit

What badges is your troop earning for cookie season?

10 Free Girl Scout Daisy Investiture Resources

Here are free Girl Scout Daisy Investiture resources for leaders to help them plan their very first Girl Scout ceremony.

There are many different ceremonies that are a part of Girl Scouting, and one of them is the Investiture. Simply stated, this ceremony is to welcome girls to the sisterhood of Girl Scouting. Many new Daisy troops hold one a few weeks into the genesis of their troop. Older girls welcome new scouts to their troop by having a Rededication/Investiture ceremony.

10 Free Girl Scout Daisy Investiture Resources

Image created on Canva by the author

This is  very simple and should not be something to cause a brand new leader any kinds of stress. You can do this towards the end of a meeting or at the very beginning, your choice. It is done with parents so they can see their daughters begin their Girl Scout career.

Hosting a Daisy Girl Scout Investiture ceremony should take place after meeting a few times simply because you do not know the girls all that well and they know very little, if anything, about being a Girl Scout. You get time to practice the Girl Scout Law and Girl Scout Promise and begin to gel as a unit. 

Before the ceremony, make sure you have purchased the Girl Scout Daisy and Girl Scout pins ahead of time. Girls should have purchased a yellow tab for this.

During the meeting before your ceremony, the girls can make a simple invitation. 

10 Free Girl Scout Daisy Investiture Resources

  • Blue Construction paper
  • Printed Daisy flower coloring page or Daisy stickers that fit on the front of the card
  • Ceremony details printed out to fit on the inside of the card
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
Have the girls color in the Daisy, cut it out and glue it to the front of the blue construction paper. On the inside, have them glue the details that you have printed out. 

For example, you can write:

Daisy Troop 12345
Invites you to their 
Investiture Ceremony
October 21, 2021

Here are 10 free resources for your Girl Scout Daisy Investiture ceremoney.

Teachers Pay Teachers-A Daisy poem for you to read.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington have several short ceremonies.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky have a short and sweet ceremony.

Girl Scout Carolina Peaks to Piedmont has two pages for leaders.

Cranford Girl Scouts has a ceremony for Daisies.

Girl Scouts of Western New York has a few pages for leaders to use with Daisy Scouts.

Keeping It Easy and Simple is a blogger who shares about her ceremony.

Daisy Leader Garden is a blog post where a leader of kindergarten Daisy Scouts shares what she did. Not traditional, but her troop had fun!

Troop 2932's leader shares what she did with her Daisies.

Scouting Out Adventure is another leader's Investiture ceremony.

There are also many videos on YouTube featuring Daisy Investiture ceremonies. This will help those who are more visual.

Are you planning on having a Daisy Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony? Please share what you did and how it went!


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Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie Bridging Certificate for Your Bridging Ceremony

If your troop is moving up to the next level of scouts, here is a Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie bridging certificate that you can hand out at your ceremony.

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In a recent blog post, I shared with you ideas for your Daisy to Brownie Bridging ceremony. This is the first of hopefully many scouting milestones you will share with your young troop. 

As your girls bridge over to Brownies, you will want to give them a Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie Bridging Certificate.  

Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie Bridging Certificate for Your Bridging Ceremony

Be sure to take a photo of your new Brownie with her certificate for your Girl Scout scrapbook.

You can head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and get your certificate today!