If there’s one thing Junior Girl Scouts have, it’s confidence. Whether you’re making posters for a canned food drive, designing a website for your cookie business, planning a troop hike, or just raising your hand in class, you’ve got something to say. Together with other Junior Girl Scouts, you can put your skills to use in improving your community—and earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award in the process.

What Juniors Do

Want to meet a real-life Supergirl? Just talk to a Girl Scout Junior who wakes up every day ready to play a new role.

Juniors are explorers when they go camping for the first time. They're CEOs when they market and sell cookies. They're scientists when they do energy audits and go on nature walks. And they're product designers and writers when they earn their Innovation and Storytelling badges. Not to mention change makers, big-idea thinkers, and future leaders. Supergirl, indeed!

As a Junior, she might:

  • smile-sad_32Share stories (and smiles) with new friends in her troop
  • badge_32Try new experiences and learn new skills as she earns badges
  • planet02_32Sell cookies (and have fun doing it)
  • binoculars_32Explore the outdoors at camp and beyond
  • political-science_32Choose an issue she cares about, then do something to make a difference as part of a Girl Scout Leadership Journey
  • award2_32Earn her Bronze Award, the first of Girl Scouts' highest awards


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