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2021-2022 Season Theme

FLLL Challenge

This years FIRST Lego League (FLL) mission is "Learning Unleashed" and Team C.A.K.E. B.A.T.T.E.R. (7407) created a board game to help everyone learn the state: names, capitals, birds, flowers, statehood dates, and region. 


We chose the US States because we are learning the states in our class, and the method we used to learn them was not much fun. We think it’s because kids like to play more than sit in one place for a long time.


In Learning you first need to create a goal for learning your subject. For example Make studying for the test for… “Let’s say” social studies states test, then you need to have:

An incentive for motivation

A game

Put students teams

The experience interactive


We have picked the age group 9 to 999 because everyone can have fun learning or remembering facts about the Untied States. The game we created can be played as individuals in a family game or as teams in a classroom game. The cost is about $15.00.


First we decided amongst our group that a board game would be a fun and effective way to learn. In our first idea we only needed to name the state. We then decided that we should also have to know:

The capitals

The state bird

The state flower

It's Region

The statehood date.


Later we added a spinner that would tell you what you have to say about the state that you landed on and if you did not know the answer you could pick a card which will give a hint.


Finally we added penalty, bonus and mystery cards to make the game more fun. 

In our research we found some other state games such as:

A US State Symbols Games

State the State

Place the State Games,

The U.S. States

United States Map Puzzles and

Name that State

Everyone that has seen or played our board game has been very impressed.


We have presented our idea at the following events:

Girl Scouts Women of Distinction

Orlando Science Center—Maker Fair

Florida Solar Center—Robotics Showcase

We will be giving our game to the following:

Kennedy Space Center Education Center

Lake Fern Montessori

Saint Teresa Catholic School

Mims Elementary

Parrish Medical Hospital Children's Ward

Ronald McDonald House in Orlando

Oak Park Elementary

Imperial Estates Elementary


We will be giving our game to the school which hosts the tournament we attend.  We have entered our project in the FIRST Global Innovations Competition and we have tried contacting the group and Hasbro company about our idea.















Our Project

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