Girl Scout Daisy Certificates for Troops Who Are Not Bridging


In a few short weeks, it will be the end of scouting season for many Girl Scout Daisy leaders. For those who are completing year one, here is a first year Daisy certificate that you can hand out at your end of the year celebration.

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Congratulations on completing your first year as a Daisy leader! And what a time to start your leadership role-during a world-wide pandemic!

You made it and so did your troop. While some of you are deciding to meet over the summer, I chose not to do that. I carried the load by myself all year, and my teacher brain and school calendar dictated that summer time is my time to rejuvenate. The only time my troop ever met in the summer was when they were Girl Scout Seniors who needed to complete a journey.

First Year Girl Scout Daisy Certificate

This is a non-bridging year for your troop. If you are planning a last Court of Awards or a simple fun last meeting of the year (that is what I did-a field trip or an easy craft and food), you can give your girls a certificate that shows they complete their first year of Girl Scout Daisies.

The certificate can be put in their Girl Scout scrapbook or hung in their room.

I created a simple and inexpensive First Year Daisy Certificate on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Please be sure to check it out and rate it. You get points that convert into cash when you buy products and rate them.

Are you having an end of the year celebration?