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Senior Solution Missions - Robotics in the News

Created by admin on Sat, 2012-09-22 17:29

This year there are 14 different missions to accomplish in 2.5 minutes. One of the missions the girls have to communicate with the other team to see if they are going to attempt the mission or not. This mission required that both sides of the table to have the level be in the same position on both sides. This mission is called "Similarity". If the level is not matching then no one gets the points. The "Ball Game" is another mission that has rules that determine which team get more points. If there are no balls left in the rack then no one get points. These two missions are ment to have the teams work together as well as compete against each other. 

The "Cardio Exercise" mission is one that is repeated each time you leave base if you are up for the challenge. The "Transition" mission is meant to be the last mission of the match and is difficult in the fact that the center platform is not lock down with velcro. So you must be very careful to go up the center of the ramp or stairs.

This is a taste of the missions that will be worked by all the FLL Teams across the world. So Good Luck to all!!



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