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Minty Matrix Team Sharing - Robotics in the News

Created by cachee on Sun, 2013-01-13 23:14

The Minty Matrix and Tech Chick Teams spent the afternoon sharing how to program a LEGO NXT Robot and their projects to 70 girls. The girls described their projects and the different missions for this years theme "Senior Solutions". The girls enjoyed learning about how to program the robots to move. The next program the girls wanted to make the robot's dance.

The Minty Matrix Team's project is a Electric Stove Safety Switch. The safety switch is used to insure that there is a pot present on the burner before power is applied. This will help in the reduction of  kitchen fires where our Senior's remove the pot from the stove and leave the burner on. They have also want to add a heat sensor to the hood vent to prevent the pot from getting to hot when all the liquid boils out.

The Tech Chick Team's project was an special bracelet that notifies the Senior that the phone is ringing. This bracelet has several features to alert the senior.

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