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The Matrix Faucet is now complete and ready for the general public's views. The cool thing about the Matrix Faucet is that it saves water as well as ensures the customer washes their hands the proper amount of time. The Minty Matrix Team found that there was an issue with the automatic faucets where they grew bacteria at the faucet opening because there was not enough water flow to insure cleanliness. So the Minty Matrix Team added the dispensing of a disinfectant at the end of the hand washing cycle. So the key to the hand washing is the faucet will do the following:



  1. Turn on the water to allow the customer to wet their hands (just a few seconds)
  2. Turn on the soap
  3. Wait 40 seconds (this is the time for the hand scrubbing)
  4. Turn on the water to allow the rinsing of the hands
  5. Turn on the disinfectant to clean the faucet

The faucet flow control was developed using small valves and piping and LEGO mindstorm motors, gear trains to turn the valve and a mindstorm brick. The brick was programmed the opening and closing of the values for the water, soap and disinfectant. The key element is to have the faucet turn on when the 40 second time is up insuring proper hand washing.