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Going for the Gold

by admin on Wed, 2013-10-09 15:23

Activity: Girl Scout Higher Award

Scout Levelcc: Ambassador

My name is AubreyPaige and I have completed my Gold Award Project. The project was about helping kids with special needs overcome their insecurity because of there disability. So I found a way to address the issue by taking pictures of them and working with them on confidence activities that I had created for them. I took pictures in a way that they were comfortable and that they could open up to the camera. I had different props set out on a table that they could choose from to hold or wear. When I took their picture I used different parts of the room and had them choose where they would like to have their picture taken. I noticed a slight change in their confidence it seemed as thought using the different props helped them with this. After taking their pictures I moved on to having them make their frames. They each got to pick a different color foam sheet of their choice. I then glued magnets on the back so they would be able to put them on their fridges at home. They put their pictures in the frames and then decorated them with foam stickers a lot of the kids were thrilled and I was able to connect with them. I spent time working with them on the coloring book that was based on ways to build their confidence so even when the project was over that had something to look back on in the future. I worked my way towards talking to the teachers about what they do when their working with the kids that you can really connect with them they then proceeded to hand me a book. I really enjoyed reading to them I was successful at connecting with them like I hoped.At the end of my project I noticed a change in the kids confidence as they came to me and thanked me for all the working activities and the fun craft idea. At that point I could tell I made an impact and that the kids learned something from this project. The last part of my project I made a collage to present to the Children's Center which had pictures on it of me working with the kids throughout my project and pictures I had taken that day of them.

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