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SeaPerch Landing Page

SeaPerch Robot Task

Robot Abilities

Move immensely expeditiously yet have an ample amount of precision

· Have agreeable thrust thru H2O w/ motors

· Have even water displacement

· Considerable flux

· Ability to circumvolve w/ ease

·  Use the bladders to the best of there abilities

· Balance out air to better stabilize the robot according to the weight on the craft

· Consistent accuracy

Game Activities

· Obstacle course

· Move rapidly thru the hoops following a apex and cascading strategy

· Start and finish under 1:15min.

· Avoid contact with the hoops

·  Deep Sea Challenge

·  Use the bladders to best of their abilities

· Balance out the craft if one side weighted differently/ adjust balance

· Use attachable hooks on all sides/ collect as many blocks as possible in less than 5 minutes