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Girl Scout Daisy Craft and Tinker Meeting Plans

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The Girls Scouts of the USA have issued some new badges for Daisies, Brownie and Juniors. One of the newest badges is the Girl Scout Daisy Craft and Tinker Badge.

What is the Girl Scout Daisy Craft and Tinker Badge?

The Girl Scout Daisy Craft and Tinker Badge badge will have your troop  creating something new, but thinking about who they are making it for and what they need to make it work. They will get to use different craft tools to make a gift for someone special.

Girl Scout Daisy Craft and Tinker Badge

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What's included in this resource:

  • All three steps
  • Hands on stations activity for Step 1
  • Choice of three different age appropriate crafts for Step 2
  • Easy discussion for Step 3

Black History Month: Celebrating and Continuing Legacy


    Get ready to be inspired this Black History Month by these remarkable Girl Scouts who are making a significant impact on the world and their communities. These girls embody resilience, and leadership, and are actively shaping history today. Get ready to meet stars who are making waves not just during Black History Month but well beyond!

    What's even more awesome? Each story isn't just about the here and now. It's a continuation of progress, a legacy, and carrying on the work of those who paved the way. So, during February, let's celebrate the possibilities and the work led by today’s girl leaders.

    Last year, Girl Scout Trinity earned her Gold Award with her work, "Educating Youth on Natural Hair Care and Hygiene," celebrating natural hairstyles for girls of color. Collaborating with her team, Trinity authored, illustrated, and published a book celebrating natural hairstyles for girls of color. This book also served as a key resource in workshops Trinity organized, where she shared knowledge on proper hair care and encouraged the embrace of hairstyles that celebrate natural textures, fostering confidence in the process. Additionally, she donated copies of her book to local schools and libraries, to ensure a lasting impact on future readers. Her impact in her community continued, as she conducted book readings for over 350 students, making significant strides in education and representation for girls of color everywhere.

    Girl Scouts Morgan and Maya aimed to inspire positive change in their community through their Silver Award documentary, "Telling Our Story: Charlotte's Black History." Inspired by their Bronze Award project dedicated to civil rights pioneer Dorothy Counts-Scoggins, the girls aimed to uncover and share lesser-known aspects of Charlotte's Black history. The documentary features interviews with influential figures such as Counts-Scoggins, Harvey B. Gantt, and Kass Ottley, exploring various facets of the city's history from the Black perspective. The film showcased the significance of Black leaders in areas like housing, education, culture, and the Black Lives Matter movement. These Girl Scouts also aspire to integrate the documentary into their local curriculum, to help broaden understanding of the city's Black history.

    Girl Scout Melia took on a mission to diversify books within her local schools' libraries after noticing a lack of representation in her school library. She was also inspired by the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign and collected nearly 300 books featuring Black girls as main characters. Melia also partnered with a Black woman-owned bookstore in her area to promote African-American-focused literature. The books that were collected were distributed to schools and the Boys and Girls Club, fostering representation and building self-esteem among young readers.

    Gold Award Girl Scout alum Rachel, wanted to encourage and equip Black teenage girls aged 14 to 18, for success in their future careers. She noticed the lack of representation of female Black executive leadership in business and wanted to inspire girls early to gain the skills and confidence to step into the world of business. Doing so she created her program Black Girls Mean Business which provides resources such as workshops, networking tools, and even connections to mentors.

    Together, these stories exemplify the potential for change, education, and representation. As we celebrate Black History Month, let these narratives inspire us to recognize the possibilities and contributions of girl leaders TODAY!

    Join us in continuing to celebrate the individuals who have exemplified courage, confidence, and character. Share your tributes using #GirlScoutsRock and #BlackHistoryMonth, and make sure to tag us at @girlscouts.

    Get started on your Black History Heritage fun patch and think about the endless possibilities YOU and your Troop can create to make your own mark in history.

Girl Scout Tree Promise: Growing a Greener Future Together!

When Girl Scouts come together, their collective power knows no bounds. It's a force that transcends individual efforts and creates waves of positive change. Now, imagine channeling this collective strength towards a cause that helps the planet. Say hello to the Girl Scout Tree Promise!

The long-standing Girl Scout Tree Promise program has new and improved guidance to ensure it’s easier than ever to take action. Join us as we plant, protect, and honor trees, to create positive change and make the world a better place.

Made possible by General Motors, participants will learn to protect natural resources, be advocates for causes they believe in, and work as a team—all while having fun with friends and family.

Why Trees Matter Everywhere

Deforestation is hurting our planet. Trees help reduce pollution, prevent erosion, take carbon out of the air, and so much more. When forests are cut down, not as much carbon is removed from the atmosphere, creating last climate effects such as severe weather. But fear not, because Girl Scouts are on a mission to make a difference!

Girl Scouts worldwide have pledged to take 5 million actions to address climate change. Already, Girl Scouts and friends have planted trees, protected new trees and existing tree cover, engaged with citizen science projects, and honored trees. They’ve even acted to raise their voices for the environment at conferences and in their communities. But our work is far from over—we need your help!


How to Make a Difference with the Girl Scout Tree Promise

By completing the Girl Scout Tree Promise, you not only contribute to a greener planet but also unlock a special patch. Here’s your road map:

Make the Girl Scout Tree Promise: From Daisies to Ambassadors, every member and friend of Girl Scouts can get involved. Make the Tree Promise and explore the fascinating ways trees make our world a better place.

Plant, Protect, or Honor Trees: Download the Activity and Volunteer Guides for background information, instructions, and ideas on how you can take action.

Plant: A seemingly small act with a colossal impact. Whether through Girl Scouts, with your community, or even by hosting your own tree-planting, every tree counts. Log your efforts in the Girl Scout Tree Promise Tracker and create a care plan to nurture your planted trees.

Protect: Deforestation is a global issue. Protect existing trees to ensure our ecosystems thrive. Trees need our help, especially in the face of threats like wildfires, disease, and climate change.

Honor: Deepen your connection with nature by learning about and appreciating local trees. This connection inspires action and reinforces our commitment to the environment.

Unlock the Patch: Once you make the Tree Promise and plant, protect, or honor trees, you can find the special patch in the Girl Scout Shop.

The power to make a change is in your hands. By making the Girl Scout Tree Promise, you become an essential part of a collective effort to create a better future. Let’s grow a greener world together—one tree at a time! #GirlScoutTreePromise

More Ways to Make a Difference and Keep the Fun Going!

Made possible by General Motors and the Elliott Wildlife Values Project.
Special thanks to American Forests, the Arbor Day Foundation, and SciStarter.

Celebrating Juneteenth

Juneteenth combines “June” and “nineteenth.” It’s also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, and Emancipation Day.   

Even though President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation officially ending slavery in 1863, in practice it remained in some parts of the country. On June 19, 1865word that the Civil War was over and slavery was abolished finally made it to enslaved people in Galveston, Texas—and celebrations throughout the newly free Black community followed, which in time became an annual tradition across the U.S. 


We asked our Girl Scout community how they intend to commemorate the day this year. We heard about plans to gather and celebrate with family and friends, as well as plans to educate others, learn moreand reflect on the history of the occasion.

We hope you’ll share on social media how you or your troop are observing Juneteenth, tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also send us a private message. 


For more on the history of Juneteenth, check out KidsKonnect’s Juneteenth facts and worksheets and the National Museum of African American History & Culture's Historical Legacy of Juneteenth. 

Girl Scout Law Games for Daisies and Brownies 5 Print and Go Activities & Games

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The foundation of the Girl Scouts is the Girl Scout Law. These 10 building blocks are the basis for everything your troop does. These Girl Scout Law Games for Daisies and Brownies contain 5 Print and Go Activities and Games that you can do over and over again. They are perfect for sponge activities before your meeting starts, time fillers for the end of meetings, and something engaging to do for early finishers in your troop.

5 Print and Go Girl Scout Law Games

The Girl Scout Law Review Games includes:

  • Matching/Memory Game for readers (two different ways to use them)
  • Matching/Memory Game for non-readers (the matching symbol is on the card with the words)
  • Girl Scout Law strips that can be used multiple ways
  • Girl Scout Law Dominoes Game (broken down into two separate games)

Girl Scout Law Games for Daisies and Brownies 5 Print and Go Activities & Games

How do you teach your girls the Girl Scout Law?

Make a Girl Scout Daisy Time Capsule for Thirds Day 3.3.33

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Did you know that on 3/3/33 your Daisy troop will be 11th or 12th grade Ambassador Scouts? 

I have a fun way for your troop to celebrate now and then again later!

This Girl Scout Daisy Time Capsule Meeting for Thirds Day 3.3.33 is one where your troop will create a special box of memories to be opened when they are teenagers. March 3, 2033 takes place on a Thursday, so it will be Thirds Day! It is another special numerical palindrome that your scouts will get to celebrate.

Make a Girl Scout Daisy Time Capsule for Thirds Day 3.3.33

Included in this resource are:

  • A list of activities you can do with your troop to prepare your time capsule
  • Ideas to make your time capsule
  • Two "All About me" pages
  • A Troop Signature page
  • A letter to their Future Ambassador Scout page

This is fun to do now and something to look forward to later!