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May 06, 2019

Team Summary

We are Team 7341 - F.R.E.N.C.H. F.R.I.E.S. (Friendly, Reliable, Energetic, Nerdy, Classy, Heros, proFessional, gRacious, engIneering, tEamwork, FIRST). This is our six year participating in the FTC program and we have 2 veteran team members this year. We are excited and scared about this year’s challenge and robot design as there are many new things to consider.


Our journey begins with a budget and the search for grants. We have been very lucky that NASA, DoD STEM, FPL, Rockwell Collins and Lockheed has provided us with funds and Girl Scouts allow us to use the FTC parts to support the team. This year we also received special grant from the sister’s of a NASA Employee who work with robotics. Thank you to all our supporters (Tab 1). You can review our Business plan for our income and spending plan (Tab 8).


One of our ingenious designs is a phone box for the robot. The box help us to not accidently push the button that will back you out of the program running (Tab 3). In designing the robot we thought that if we could have something help the robot while driving over the crater it would lessen the chance of tipping over. We created two small wheelie bars and added them to the robot. We think that our home made linear slide works well and is a combination element using both a TorqueNADO and servos (Tab 5).


While planning the autonomous program we found that the phone could not pick up all the minerals at the same time so we developed code to have the phone move to scan for the gold mineral (Tab 7). We were able to create a motorized element fetcher, but went back to a simpler end effector because the motor needed was too heavy.


We have created quite a few test programs to help us learn about how the sensors, motors and camera work and react to the robot’s environment. The data we learn from our test program are transferred to the operational TeleOp and Autonomous programs (Tab 6).


We have set up our robot with the following motors, servos and sensors:

Five (5) drive motors, where the 4 Drive Motors have encoders for running autonomous, 1 to raise and lower the arm attachment.


Six (6) servos: 1 to Dump the marker, 1 to turn the phone and 2 for the second level of the lift mechanism and 2 for the distance arms.

Two (2) touch sensor which are used to determine the upper and lower limits of our arm attachment.

One (1) color sensor which is used to determine the color on the floor.


Outreach is one of the activities that we enjoy as we travel between Brevard and Orange Counties supporting the different Girl Scout and community event. We would like to highlight our work for our Veterans (Tab 2) and co-sponsoring the Space Jam Meet on Jan 18th (Tab 4).


Thank you for reviewing our Engineering Notebook!