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April 29, 2019


Fixing Prince Charles and starting on the Engineering Journey


Ashlynn H. Cailyn T. Harper H. Shelby G. Tempy H.

Task For The Day

Start the Engineering Journey

Update Prince Charles to have the mecanum wheels

Journey Of The Day

Today the coach started us on the Engineering Girl Scout Journey so that we can get a better understanding of the Engineering process. We were tasked to design on paper a better fork. Each team member came up with a different solution to the same problem. So 


After attending the 2018-2019 League Championship we decided that it was possible to purchace the Mecanum wheels and try them out. After putting a set of wheels on Princess Charlie we found that they did not work as we thought, so our coach wanted us to moved them to Prince Charles. We needed to add two more motors in order to add the wheels. We added the motors and controller, updated the code to control the four wheels and found that the strafing does work well.



Now we need to determine why things to not work correctly on Princess Charlie.