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Our FIRST® LEGO® League team is a Girl Scout Team with girls in the 5th grade. We attend different school within Brevard County. We love working together and having fun. We enjoy sleep overs before tournaments to completing the last minute tasks.
Team Name stands for: Courageous, Adventurous, Krazy, Energetic, Brainy, Athletic, Terrific, Tolerant, Exciting, Radiant, Studious.

We have learned it is fun solving problems and programming the robot. We have learned to communicate with each other which creates a source of energy, while we are attentive to each other's ideas. We work real hard to not talk over each other while we are planning/practicing our activities. We find that working as a team things work better and that we do not always have to agree with each other.


Our robot "Freddy" is cool because it has four sensors that we can work with. We use the color sensor to detect the different color lines on the mat and touch sensor to know when to start our programs. We now use the gyro to make our turns. We have re-designed the robot a few time before settling on the current compact and low profile robot. The back wheels are two ball wheel for better stability.


You can find some great information on the nxt motors here and cool projects


This year's challenge is all about water and how we use it. We have pick the issue where people do not water their plants properly which is wasting water. We have learned that you must water for a longer time and less ofter which will promote better root growth. This root growth will cause the roots to grow further underground requiring less water in the over all picture.

Please view our video for more information.


We have an idea to create the sprinklerator which is a device that is placed in the ground and will detects when the water has reached the correct depth for proper plant growth and then turns off the sprinkler system (or light a indicator), thus saving the overall water use. The system would then only turn on the system (or indicate a need to water) when the ground needed additional water. 


Our Project

To learn more about our FLL Project "Wheel Of States" please click on the map below.

Global Innovations

Click on the map below to learn more about the FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Award is designed to encourage and assist FLL teams to further develop their innovative solutions to real-world problems. 


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