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We are a Jr. F.L.L. Team 4323 - B.E.E.s (Brownie-Daisy, Exceptional, Engineers),  a Girl Scout Team of girls in the Kindergarden through 3rd grade.  We love working together and having fun. We are learning about simple machines and how to build them. This is our second year and we are so so excited about this year's challenge "Aqua Adventure." We first learned where water comes from and we put together our inspiration model. We learned how to program WeDo2 pump.    
We are a Girl Scout Team in Titusville Florida. We have been working together since mid June and are enjoying learning about new things and trying new concepts. We started out learning about "bees" which is our team name. B.E.E.s is an acronym for Brownie/Daisy Exceptional Engineers. There are five members on our team. Two of us are in the same Girl Scout Troop and two groups of two go to the same school. We all love building things with LEGOs and programming. We also enjoy dancing and playing games. We have several games that we play to help build our skills allowing us to work together better. We have enjoyed sharing with each other the information we found on how we use water everyday. We meet every other week to learn, build on our model, create our poster and enjoy our friendship. We work on "Dinner in a Bag" service project for our local veterans. This project provides all the fixings for a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner for these deserving Veterans that live at the Victory Village Complex.
We decided to build a "Water Park" to place our inspirational model in. We learned how the water is used in the park and determined that the park could be improved by using hydro pumps to create power for the landscape lighting.
We used books, the internet (reading articles and watching videos) and information we have learned in school.
We learned so much as we built our “Show Me” Poster. During our research we found more information on hydro power and how we currently use this method of creating power. We will continue our research as we get ready to make a video and explain fun and interesting facts about how we use water.
We are have completed with our Water Park model which has many hidden simple machines.
We had a great time creating our model and adding all the simple machines... Lever, Screw, Wheel and Axle, Incline plane, Wedge and Pulley. The pictures have been printed and added to the "Show Me" poster. We have had a great time adding to our model, creating our poster and making our t-shirts.

FIRST LEGO League Jr. team members and adult Coaches and Volunteers all agree – season-ending events (Expos and Houston's FIRST LEGO League Jr. World Expo) are the most amazing, inspiring experiences they’ve ever had. Where else can you make new friends, share ideas, watch older kids compete with robots, and get pumped up over technology all while having the time of your lives? Kids realize more than ever that FIRST is all about teamwork, sharing, helping others, and respect. 

We thank everyone (from the bottom of our heart) who helped us to attend our exciting competition. We will be able to learn and grow our knowledge with students from the US (Southern and Western States) and around the world (South America, Africa, Australia, China and Mexico). 

Last year we were awarded the following awards:

  • Amazing Movement Award - Exploding Bacon Library Expo
  • Simply Awesome Machine Award - World Expo
  • Master Programmer Award - Legoland Expo

You can read additional information about our team on page 8 of the Citrus Peel

Thanks again!